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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Joshua Bell - Violin Virtuoso Extraordinaire!

I mentioned Joshua Bell in my last post. My son LOVES Joshua Bell’s violin playing. He loves the way JB FEELS the music. If you go to Joshua Bell’s website you can read all about the phenomenal accolades this amazing violinist has received. All for good reason. NOBODY plays that violin like he does. Absolutely gorgeous music!

So it was incredible to discover that Joshua Bell was going to be in town around E’s birthday. Naturally, we bought tickets - a special surprise 13th birthday present for E. In the weeks preceding E’s actual birthday, he would try to guess what presents he was going to get…..ipod?... technological gizmos?....ipod?.... and more technological gizmos? But never once did he even come close to expecting that he’d be able to see Joshua Bell live in concert! And get to shake his hand AND have a photo with Joshua Bell AND have Joshua scrawl all over E’s programme and CD! Unbelievable!

Despite arriving home only hours after a 3 day gruelling boot camp (where he and his group hauled a 4.5ton truck about 800m, crawled through thick black freezing chest-high mud, and didn’t get much sleep at all), E still had the energy to see Joshua Bell in concert later that night. I wondered if he’d fall asleep like the snorer a few seats down from us, but he sat absolutely mesmerised throughout Joshua’s amazingly beautiful, clear renditions of Mozart and Beethoven. It really was the most beautiful violin playing I have ever come across. You can read all about it here from someone else who thought the same!

And the next day, inspired by hearing and meeting Joshua Bell, E produced his own wonderful violin playing for a soiree he performed at. We tried to put an audiolink here, but the system aint playing ball for us tonight....will try again another day, sorry!

It made me think about all those who excel in their field of enterprise (sport, arts, music, whatever) and the hugely important role they play in inspiring the young people of today. It only takes a moment to smile, chat a bit, and shake someone’s hand, and to do what you do well, but it can inspire a young ‘un to rise above the ordinary and to reach for the stars.

Way to go, Joshua Bell!

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