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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hero(ine) Worship

I'm not one to get caught up in the celebrity scene. But bloggers are a bit different. Following a blog is sort of like peeking into someone's window and getting to know this person from a distance. It's like making a new friend. Except that the friend doesn't know you're there.
After reading The Nienie Dialogues for a looong time and having followed the harrowing story of her small plane crash in August, 2008, I finally got to see the famous blogger, Stephanie Nielson, in the flesh! Sort of...
Today, she and her husband, Christian, were on Oprah; I'm sure that thousands of loyal readers were glued to the tv! Stephanie's whole family - all seven siblings and her parents - were also on the show, via Skype, and talked about how it was for them to see her in a coma for three months, wrapped up like a mummy. After all that, and over a year later, she is a beautiful woman, despite the scarring. She consciously chose to fight for life and now lives with constant pain because of the love she has for her husband and four children. And she finds beauty in her new life, instead of focusing on what she has lost.
I love to read Stephanie's blog; she is always inspiring and amazing. And courageous, positive, optimistic, full of faith, loving, creative, etc. etc....
Is this woman real??
You can read the Nienie Dialogues and Stephanie's sister's blog, CJane, by clicking either of their buttons on the right side of the screen.
By the way, Southern Ange, Lea says that if I don't go see you in Australia, she will! Just in case she shows up unexpectedly on your doorstep...


Jo said...


I was totally watching this with Steve today. Was thinking of calling you to let you know about it but I guess you were watching too! She was amazing before (remember, how we used to comment about her in the staff room) but I'm in awe.

Jo said...

Can you email me a list of courses you're taking at CKC? I'm thinking of adding another one to my list and it would be fun to take one together.

Southern Ange said...

Well, Lea would be most welcome any time! Esp if you insist on a 'no show' !!! :) xo

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