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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bridging the Gap

It isn't every day that a new bridge opens.  Yesterday, there was a bridge party to celebrate the new crossing over the Fraser River.  Hooray!  Many, many people have waited a very long time for this event.  To mark the occasion, the bridge was opened on Sunday (yesterday) to anyone and everyone.  On foot!  
How many times have I wanted to call out, "Stop!" at the pinnacle of a bridge?  Just to get out and admire the view, or to look up, way up, and take a photo?  I can't count.  So I was excited to have this opportunity to stand in the middle and savour the moment.  Big Bear wasn't particularly excited, but he gamely went along and braved the crowds with me.

Oh, the crowds.  They streamed up the bridge from both sides, meeting in the middle.  The media reported on the event today, talking about the hordes of people, pushing, lost children, and even a woman in labour!  It really sounded like a miserable day.  But I know better.  It was so much fun!
Look who we ran into!  Actually, we saw a number of friends and acquaintances along the way.  These two were my favourites.
Yes, and Big Bear was there.

I like the details of the bridge, like the clean white cables (how long will they look this clean?), the flags, and the birds way up high.

And there was culture.  Lots of it!  At the top of the bridge, they'd set up a big stage with different bands playing throughout the day; this one was my favourite - the Asian guy in a kilt!  He played along with a multi-ethnic group, and they had very cool music.

I particularly enjoyed watching the people.  This is a familiar sight in many of the Fraser Valley communities - older Sikh men gathering to chew the fat.

I think that a blog is kind of like a bridge - we can come at it from both sides of the ocean and meet in the middle.  Hello from Canada!  

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Ange of the North for posting more news. Ange of the South has made the great leap to Oz and is already being missed. No doubt postings will follow of their new adventure.SM

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