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Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Week

I welcomed my new class on Tuesday; they're pretty sweet and cooperative, although the "honeymoon" is over and a couple of my little boys are showing their true colours! I'm so grateful to the teachers who have come before me (K, 1, 2) and who trained these children so well - although we all know that some kids just resist that training! :)
My Little Bear left for his second year at school. He actually left his room relatively tidy (due to intense pressure from me!), so I don't need to keep his door shut! We won't see him this weekend, as they're all away on a college retreat. Sigh. Another year with an only child. (And lower grocery bills!!)
Big Bear removed the 1970's shutters from the windows as he continues the process of replacing the old siding. Yay!
We came home yesterday to a room-temperature fridge and freezer. Blech! I had to throw out lots of food, and besides the bread and the freezer packs, there's nothing but a big pool of something red in the bottom of the freezer. Berry juices? Or something awful? A repairman will come today and replace the compresser.
A lovely package arrived in the mail! I now have a good book to read and a sweet new bead on my bracelet that, along with another one, will make me think of the ocean and my dear, dear friend! Thank you!

A story that brightened my day: After my first French class on Wednesday, one of my little grade two girls went home and told her mum all about it.
Mum: And did Mr. L teach you French?
Sweet Girl: No, Mummy, it was the younger teacher - Mrs. W!

I will forever love this girl, as Mr. L is more than ten years younger than I am (way more!), and I was Mrs. L's teacher when she was in grade 7!
An altogether satisfying week.

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Southern Ange said...

Lovely to hear from your side of the world, as always...Young Thing! :) xo

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