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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wet Wet Wet

Typical Vancouver winter weather. (Or fall... or spring, for that matter) Pouring rain.
This week, Big Bear decided that it was time to replace the old copper pipe supplying our house with water. So he enlisted Little Bear to dig a trench to the water main and booked a plumber friend to help him today.
The rain began on Thursday. The trench filled up. Last night, Big Bear rented a pump to keep it... well, dry. But there's no such thing as dry in this weather.
Today, the two bears went outside to start work, but to no avail. They just couldn't keep up with the pounding rain. The project was aborted for today.
Too bad...
The question is, why is Big Bear wearing his old construction hard hat?


Chris Wiebe said...

Hello............you gave the answer to the hard hat mystery in your title. Btw, we did end up getting the job done.

Southern Ange said...

The other question, is why is the littler bear not wearing HIS hard hat then....????!

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