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Friday, February 25, 2011

Today in ICU

Hospital life can be surreal. We are in a double room with no outside windows, so it could be midnight and blizzarding outside, and we wouldn't be aware of it.
Despite the emotional strain, we are still able to enjoy each other. This morning, we celebrated when Lea rolled up the rim of her Tim Horton's cup (it's a Canadian thing...) and won a doughnut! Too bad it wasn't the car.

Last night we were all here gathered around Dad's bed and had a sweet time singing together. It looked like he was enjoying it deep in the depths of the morphine haze.

I've been more emotional today as Dad labours to breathe. It's not so much sadness though, but rather, a full heart that overflows. I'm so very thankful for the goodness in my life that has come from Dad, and it is making me cry.
What richness I have known. Thank you, God, for this wonderful man!

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Anonymous said...

Andrea, this my 2nd attempt to leave a comment. Hopefully will be successfu this time. You have been fortunate to have such a wonderful, honorable man as your dad, as have I. But I have had the added benefit of being touched by your dads goodness as well. He was always welcoming, caring, interesting & very enjoyable to be around. He inspired me & I have many fond memories of him when I used to stay there on Friday nights & when we used to goo to PR together. Please send him my love & whisper in his ear the reminder that he has been & is lived by many. Xo

Anonymous said...

That should have been LOVED by many. Haha

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