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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hanging On

On Thursday we were told that Dad was dying and that it was likely he would go within a couple of hours. We said our farewells, laughed and cried, and prepared ourselves to see Dad slip away from us.
He didn't.
On he goes.

Yesterday, we were moved out of the noisy windowless fishbowl in ICU and given a small private room on another floor. With a window!! We have our own washroom - no more leaving the unit for the only shared washroom on the floor! And we even have an extra bed so someone can stay overnight (better than the chair I slept in on Thurs night!).
It's almost like we're staying at the Hyatt! Without the room service and chocolates on the pillow.

So today, with all this privacy, we've brought
music in with us and are singing for Dad. He's kind of a captive audience, not being able to move, but I suspect that he's enjoying it.
If not, he's being awfully gracious about it. Typical Dad!

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Southern Ange said...

Your dad is such a fighter! So glad you guys got shifted into nicer digs, and how wonderful that your 3 lads could use their musical skills to bless your dad. Thanks a heap for sharing too. We are back online as of yesterday and it was good to be able to read your posts. Finally.
You all remain very much in all our thoughts and heartfelt prayers. xo

A. said...

Andrea, thanks for the update. I've got your dad and your family on our prayer list.
love to you and yours.

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