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Monday, October 11, 2010

Thankful it's Done!

What a week it was.
I knew from the get-go that it would be intense, but catching a nasty cold on Tuesday made it all the more exciting!
The culminating event (after numerous evening meetings) was to be the huge enormous two-day teachers' convention, at which I was scheduled to present two different workshops. On Wednesday I realized that I'd forgotten to bring home a whole bunch of things that I'd be needing in both workshops. And, of course, I felt absolutely rotten. Oh, and I hadn't finished preparing the second workshop. Why did I ever agree to do this???
How does one predict how many people will show up in a workshop? How many copies of the handouts will be required? Nobody wants to be vain and make 100 copies, wasting reams of paper, but it's not cool to underestimate and be short. I was in a quandary, but finally decided on 20 copies. Conservative, yet realistic. And how many people came? 50! I was kind of overwhelmed as they just kept coming in, and we had to get more chairs and somebody ran to make more copies of the handout.
I was exhausted after teaching teachers for 75 minutes with a yukky cold, but felt that it had gone well. Whew!
But the week was not over yet! Little Bear and I still had a very long drive ahead of us. We left Surrey just after 1pm and had a lovely trip to Christina Lake, where the rest of the family awaited us. We chatted about music, relationships, and all kinds of interesting topics, and listened to all our fave songs. And in just 6 1/2 hours, we were there - record time!
This is what we drove up to. It was a wonderful bonfire, and such a relief to sit and relax after a very intense week. Today, I'll be roasting a turkey.
Thanksgiving weekend at the cabin is a cozy, lovely time. Even in the pouring, dripping rain. And even with ten people sharing a small space (five of whom are large, noisy offspring!). The technology is everywhere - four laptops, multiple smart phones, ipods, and PS3.
Wish you were here!

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Southern Ange said...

How nice to know you're going to be celebrating Thanksgiving at Christina Lake - it all sounds so nice and so "Canadian"!!
And hurrah for getting such a good response and good attendance at your workshop. What did you speak about (& would us mere mortals undertand the title?) :)

Enjoy a well deserved rest...and whack that cold on its head!! xo

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