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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Summer Daze

I’m not sure where Spring went, but Summer has officially hit Down Under.

There are a few clues to why this may be so....

The 27degC temps yesterday could be a giveaway.

Or the fact that it suddenly feels too hot to be wearing jeans (naturally, I will be holding out as long as possible before donning shorts, since it doesn’t feel ‘right’ to be wearing shorts at the start of October...and there’s the fact that I’ve just gone and bought a swag of new jeans with all the recent sales!).

Then, there’s the fact that Mango and Lychees are starting to appear in the supermarkets. Strawberries and Grapes have been out for weeks. And Melons and Pineapples are getting cheaper all the time. Fresh, tender asparagus shoots are particularly tasty at the moment...and it looks like Sweetcorn is vying for space on the barbie again. Oh, it’s all good!

The sun is getting up far too early these days, and waking all the birds and wildlife up, way before I’m ready! I guess God knew what He was doing when He didn’t create me as a Kookaburra. Those early worms would’ve been happy at least....

Most significantly, our lizard population seems to have rematerialised, larger and 'chirrupier' than before. Thanks to our latest vizzies, A&T for the use of their photos, since I’ve been a bit lax with my camera lately.

This is our friendly Eastern Water Dragon who climbs (& falls out of) trees in the neighbour’s garden; sits in our pots or poses beautifully amongst our weeds; gives me a fright when he comes to say hello as I’m hanging out the washing; and tries to fit through the gap in our neighbour-on-the-other-side’s fence....but doesn’t realise that he’s getting a wee bit chubby, and gave himself a bit of a scare yesterday when he nearly got stuck! He has also taken a liking to swimming in our pool....guess that's what a WATER lizard might do well after all!

Then there’s the lizard in our letterbox, and the lizard who rides the awning up and down each night, and the lizards who fall off the automatic garage door as it rolls up, and the lizards who stick onto our windows & roof at night and make me want to wear a hat when I take the rubbish out (just in case they lose their sucky-ability as I’m walking underneath them!).

Oh, it’s all fun and games, now that Summer is here!

1 comment:

Kerrie said...

I do find it funny that you of all people seem to have more than your fair share of reptiles and the like than us long time residents...hee hee. Thanks for the cuppa and chat today x

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