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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Glass Flowers

So today, the boys and I were chatting about friendships and those sorts of things......as one does over a leisurely lunch during the holidays.

One thing led to another, and the boys decided that we should write a poem about friendship. So we have.

And then E decided that we should call it “Glass Flower”. So we did.

We took some photos, and E worked his magic with some photos for me. So here they are.

I hope you’ll enjoy the little artistic foray (& hopefully it makes sense......albeit in an artyfarty kind of way! Be very relieved.....my original poem was called ‘The Mysterious Bellybutton Fluff’....the boys vetoed that little piece of inspiration. They said that from the title alone, the poem was doomed..!!)

Glass Flower

Fragile beauty, delicate attraction

Song without words

Your very presence takes the tear

And moulds it to your will.

With your warm golden flecks

You reflect life and health and vitality

Prismic splendour

You cut through the dross

All who see you, reach out


Those who have ever held you


To experience you is to live

But for many

Your intricate loveliness is unbearable

Your colours are too bright

The light comes, the light goes

Hues waft, but never settle

Your visage is fleeting

A hint of something more

The diamond edge

Cuts too deeply

Jagged petals, ragged buds

A million dreams

Shards in the universe

All together alone


Kerrie said...

wow is all I can say. You all have such talent, must have been a lovely conversation.

Ange of the North said...

Is there anything you guys don't do well? I'm impressed. What a cool thing to do on holiday!

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