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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dance for Fall!

In a few short hours, summer will officially end and fall will take over.
I'm not really a fall kind of person. Summer is my gig, as you know; I love sunshine, blue skies, and light till 10pm. I intensely dislike being cold. However, there is something to be said for autumn.
The colours, the crisp sunny days with a tang of something in the air, swishing through dry leaves... it's pretty nice when it happens.
The reality, however, is frequent grey skies and rain. And it has already begun.
But today was gorgeous. Like a last hurrah for summer and a warm, friendly welcome to fall.

Although I took this photo in August (yes, it's the Oregon coast again), it makes me think of a cool, damp, private celebration. Just right for the season! So join me as I - figuratively - dance for fall and get enthusiastic about it. Maybe I'll talk myself into getting excited!
(Except I won't look much like that cute dancing girl in the photo. How about we pretend that's me...???)
(Are you happy, Christine?)


Southern Ange said...

Actually, we DID think you were that cute dancing girl....
how disappointing to discover it was just a lookalike! xo

Christine said...

Yes...HAPPY :}

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