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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surprise visit to Aotearoa

Perhaps you should patent this new marital tool (see "Wedded Bliss"), Ange of the North….I note, that there is room for two on board….SNUGGLY! Looks far more ‘together’ than shopping…. :)


Here Down Under, life is cranking back into gear again after our first term holidays. On our first day back for the second term of school, E forgets his tie (It is the winter term here and thus, all senior boys have to wear a tie. There must be a logical reason…), his holiday homework, and an important book. And we are late. Despite great intentions.

Day Two begins with E having to be up at the crack of dawn in order to be at Cross Country Training by 7am. We are late.

I drive home to pick up son #2 for school. Then L tells us that he needs 4 iron rods of unspecified diameter or length, 8 wheels or suitable alternatives, 1 large iron rod again of unidentified length, a toy car (oh that’s an easy one!), some string, 4 hooks…specific but again obscurely defined, and various other bits and pieces. And he needs them for an assessment….by TOMORROW thanks! We are, naturally, late for school. Again.


It is at this point that i am yearning for holidays gone by and counting down to the next set of holidays. We have just returned from a whirlwind trip to NZ.


There’s something indescribable about coming home. It was bliss.


Even better when the country turns on it’s most perfect Autumn weather. I love Autumn with its crisp, clear days, blue skies and warm sun, and I especially love the autumn colours.


And on a beautiful day, NZ has gotta be one of the most fabulous spots on earth.


The locals are a very friendly & hospitable bunch,


though some can be a little scary…


but some are downright cute!


Sadly, due to the lightning quick nature of our visit, we were only able to catch up with a small number of friends & family this time.


But each occasion was a bonus and well worth the surprise!


Hanging out for the next holidays!


1 comment:

Kerrie said...

NZ is really so beautiful, can see why you love it. Hope your mornings go a bit better for you from now on dear!

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