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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thankful for Colour

On Easter Weekend, we took the opportunity to go away to the family cabin near Christina Lake. I'd been quite conflicted about going away with my dad in a precarious state, but he stabilized and my mum encouraged us to go.
We took both boys, Little Bear's stray school friend from the Netherlands, and two other homeless boys. Six males and me. Woo hoo. Oh, and because of the large numbers, we had to take two vehicles.
I left school at 3:20 pm, made a flying stop at the hospital to see my much happier dad, and picked up two boys.
At 12:30 am, after a very long and tiring drive, we finally pulled into the driveway. The cabin was SO cold! Once a fire was built and things warmed up, we hit the hay and I didn't get up till 11 the next morning!
After all the colours on the coast, everything looked grey and brown. Spring is about a month behind, and although I loved the peace and tranquility, there was a definite absence of colour here!
But then, colour can show up in the most unexpected ways!
Boys were everywhere!
I spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing large quantities of food. It was ok, though. Different from the pressure to cook meals at home amidst the demands of schedules.
Despite the advanced age of these big boys, they were quite tickled yesterday afternoon when I had them hunt for chocolate eggs!
It was lovely to see green leaves and colourful blossoms as we returned to the coast. Ahhh!
And now, back to school.


Christine said...

Oh, dear Christina Lake. Sounds like you had a good time....plumbing and all. I know Dad would be delighted to see his beautiful cabin being enjoyed by so many. I'm jealous...can't wait to get up there ourselves.

EVA said...

That sounds fun, I love going to my cabin. Sorry to hear about your dad. Mine is also having health scares at the moment.


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