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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Notable Day

Yesterday was a very eventful day. We left Surrey Hospital with Dad for the last time - yay! No more noisy nurses station, no more smelly corridor, no more walking past patients's beds in the hall, no more pushy ladies walking in and demanding meal trays, no more slow elevators, no more paying for parking. And no more monitor - that may be a bit difficult to get used to...

As wonderful as it was to contemplate having Dad at home, it was a process fraught with paperwork, endless arrangements, and possible disasters, so I think we were all sitting on the edge of our figurative seats the whole time.
Before the epic journey began, we needed to be trained. I am pleased to announce that Lea and I can now begin our new nursing careers! We know how to give subcutaneous meds, irrigate catheters, and all sorts of useful things. I gave Dad a dose of morphine before he left the hospital, under the watchful eye of our lovely nurse, Teresita, and passed the test.
I raced back to the house ahead of the ambulance to get the bed ready. And barely made it!
We had two nice paramedics who were very good to Mum on the trip home. And then Dad was settled. It was quiet, peaceful, and quite lovely in the sunroom, where Mum put his new bed. It's too bad that he's not able to enjoy his new digs.
We were well supplied with all kinds of goodies, kindly sent by the nurses at the hospital. Linens, equipment, and meds are all ready and waiting in the living room.
I spent the night here with Mum and after a quiet night, the sun is shining into Dad's room. He's sleeping peacefully after I did my nursey stuff and cleaned him. Thankfully, we'll be getting some visits from a real nurse starting tomorrow.
So, our journey continues. Every day I wake up and wonder what today will bring. I pray for God's grace and perfect timing and for the right people to cross our paths. Most of all, I pray that God will continue to hold Dad and our whole family in his hand.


Southern Ange said...

And He will, my friend, He will! So glad your dad is at home in much nicer surroundings. Hang in there!! Much love from all here. xo

A. said...

Oh Andrea,
You've been on my heart and mind, and your family in my prayers. Here I was reading this beautifully written post and was wondering how I can be of help to you. When I finished reading, my eyes filled with tears as I realized that you are the one being a source of inspiration to me!
Love you and yours-
May God continue to shower you with His strength.

Linda Danielson said...

Andrea, we just heard the news of your dad's passing.
Our hearts go out to you. Thanks for posting this blog.
We will be at the coast Wednesday and on through the weekend. Is there news about a funeral/memorial?
We love you all.
Linda Danielson

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